If you are going to call me directly and want my help, you should probably know one thing,  I am not normal.  Most real estate agents are polite, they keep their opinions to themselves, as long as they get paid.  I am not any of those things.  



If you're making a stupid decision, I'll tell you.  If you want to overpay for a property, I'll point it out, if you want to buy a property that was close to a sky train and you can hear it, I'll tell you, if you want to buy a property close to a cemetery, I'll tell you it's a bad idea.  If you are compromising on what you want, I'll point it out.  The point is, I care.  Sometimes I care too much.  If you want a Realtor who will just do whatever you say and doesn't ask any questions. Please don't call me.  You can call me, but you'll hate dealing with me.   



Oh, one more thing.  I'll ask you all the tough questions that most won't dare ask.  I have tons of stories to share, and I am not afraid to tell you that you're making a bad decision by passing up on a good deal because of something silly.



Now that we got that out of the way.  I Look forward to helping you and your family.  



Hani Faraj

778 881 6781

Always looking out for your best interest